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Research Assistant (Palaeoecology), The University of Melbourne

I am interested in interactions between humans, climate, vegetation, ecology and disturbance across multiple scales of time and space. I endeavour to investigate both the palaeoecological and archaeological records to rediscover human-environment interactions in the past.

I am currently involved with the PF-FIRE (Past Fire Frequency and Intensity REconstruction) project, which aims to investigate Indigenous fire regimes and advocate for policy change in how forests are managed to mitigate catastrophic bushfires. I am interested in and testing how fuel loads, fuel type, fire frequency and fire intensity have changed in southeastern Australian forests during the transition from Indigenous to British management over the past 500 years. My work involves using archaeological analyses and high-resolution palaeoenvironmental records from across SE Australia using multiple proxies including microfossil pollen, charcoal, geochemical and isotopic analyses to provide holistic reconstructions and understandings of past environmental, climatic and societal changes.


  • –present
    Research Assistant (Palaeoecology), The University of Melbourne


  • 2016 
    The University of Melbourne, Honours
  • 2015 
    La Trobe University, Bachelor of Archaeology