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Antoine graduated in accounting and business at the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology following which he pursued a career as a hotelier in Malta and advancing his education and experience in tourism, hospitality and leisure in the UK and European capital cities. He moved to Hong Kong and Singapore working with International Hotel Groups in the early eighties and later moved to Australia to take up a position at the Regent of Melbourne.

Antoine has also worked in Sydney and Canberra, and moved to Perth in the late eighties until the mid-nineties when he moved back to Singapore and taking up assignments with the CCA Group in Singapoire, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. He continues to do assignments and consulting in the Southeat Asian region and Australia, and is currently undertaking research in tourism policy and practice in Australia and focusing on Western Australia's regional tourism.

Antoine completed his MBA at the University of Western Australia where he later also gained his Master of Business Innovation degree.


  • 2014–present
    Lecturer & Researcher, University of Western Australia