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Professor of Anatomy, Vanderbilt University

My scholarly activity centers on (1) the (re)evaluation of content and instructional/learning methodology in current Gross Anatomy courses and educational media -- especially with regard to its relevance to contemporary clinical experience and practice, (2) the application of anatomic principles and facts to the understanding or solution of clinical findings and problems, and (3) anatomical terminology, working to improve its precision for effective communication and exploring its role both in facilitating and hindering learning of anatomical concepts and principles as well as facts.

Primary among these is the first, in which I have been actively involved in attempting to identify, develop and apply the most suitable methods, media and/or technologies for the effective presentation of the various aspects of anatomy especially graphic presentation enabling interactivity and active learning for both the individual learner and for groups of learners, to facilitate the learning and understanding of anatomy by students and health professionals.

Common to all three areas of activity is the horizontal and vertical integration of experiences and information within the health sciences


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    Professor of Anatomy , Vanderbilt University