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Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Lancaster University

I joined Lancaster University School of Management in June 2015 as Senior Lecturer in Marketing after three years at Manchester Business School, where I was MSc Marketing Programme Director. Before that, I spent five years at Bradford University School of Management as Lecturer in Marketing.

My research interests rest in the field of Consumer Behaviour. In particular my research explores the consumption behaviours of families and younger consumers, and I have conducted a range of research projects which investigate the transition to motherhood and fatherhood (with a current research project funded by BA Leverhulme which explores the introduction of shared parental leave), the consumer socialization process (including an Academy of Marketing funded research project which focused on how siblings act as agents of consumer learning), how children influence familial decision making (and in turn how such influence is co-constructed within the family network), and I have also conducted research projects that relate to family food production and consumption.

I have successfully guest edited (2014), with Professor Margaret Hogg (Lancaster) and Professor Shona Bettany (Westminster), a special issue of the Journal of Marketing Management ("Revisiting contemporary issues in family consumption"). My research has been published in European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Marketing Management, Advances in Consumer Research, and Studies in Higher Education.

I have been awarded funding, alongside Dr Emma Banister (Manchester Business School), from BA Leverhulme, for a research project that investigates the introduction of shared parental leave policy ("Exploring the transition to fatherhood: shared parental leave and the experiences of new fathers"). This is a two year project (July 2015-June 2017) which involves a range of qualitative research methods.

I have also been awarded funding, with Professor Shona Bettany (Westminster), from the Academy of Marketing Research Funding Initiative (2012) for a project that explored how siblings act as agents of consumer learning for children ("Siblings as socialization agents: exploring the role of 'sibship' in the consumer socialization of children").


  • 2014–2018
    Dr Ben Kerrane, Lancaster University School of Management