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Associate professor, University of Hong Kong

I am an ecologist interested in various aspects of the diversity of life. My research seeks to answer the following questions. Where are the most species-rich regions of the world? How can some regions sustain thousands of species while others have only a few dozen? Were today’s most diverse regions as diverse 10, 50, or 100 million years ago? Do different groups of organisms follow the same diversity patterns? What effects have human changes on species richness and composition?

These “basic” questions are still poorly understood today, despite the fact that we live in a biodiversity crisis where species go extinct daily. To address these questions, I study some of the most fascinating and ecologically important organisms: ants! My research focus on large-scale patterns of ant diversity, community ecology, biological invasions, behavioral ecology, foraging ecology and taxonomy.

I am also a strong advocate of science communication and of the importance to raise public awareness about biodiversity. To this aim, I founded and direct the Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum (