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Brandon Valeriano

Professor of Armed Politics, Marine Corps University

Brandon Valeriano (Ph.D. Vanderbilt University) is the Donald Bren Chair of Armed Politics at the Marine Corps University. He also serves as a Senior Fellow in cyber security for the Niskanen Center in Washington D.C.

Dr. Valeriano has published 94 publications during the duration of his career, including four books with one more forthcoming, 21 peer reviewed articles, 27 other scholarly articles, and 41 public articles for such outlets as Washington Post, Slate, Lawfare, and Foreign Affairs. His two most recent coauthored books are Cyber War versus Cyber Reality at Oxford University Press (2015) and Russian Coercive Diplomacy at Palgrave (2015) with Cyber Coercion: The Evolving Character of Cyber Power and Strategy forthcoming from Oxford. Ongoing research explores creating comprehensive cyber conflict data, Russian foreign policy behavior, biological and psychological examinations of national security threats, and digital repression. Dr. Valeriano recently provided testimony in front of both the United States Senate and the Parliament of the United Kingdom on the dynamics of modern conflict. In his spare professional time, he focuses on engaging policy-makers and government officials on the changing character of war.


  • 2012–present
    Lecturer in Politics and Global Security, University of Glasgow


  • 2003 
    Vanderbilt University, PhD