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Bronwyn Reid

I am a small business enthusiast, or nut, depending on your perspective.

I’m a serial small business owner, and have started three of them from regional Queensland, proving to myself (and others) that being a small business owner in a regional area is actually a valid lifestyle choice.

I also happen to believe that without vibrant and sustainable regional communities, Australia has no heart. And it is small business that makes those regional communities successful.

So, everything I do stems from those two drivers – small business and successful regional economies. My professional work, my volunteer roles, my writing – everything – comes from those core beliefs.

As well as business, I also have a background in tertiary education, and was a part-time University lecturer for 12 years. Now, I have the opportunity to combine my two lifelong interests – Small Business and Education. When I can combine those two areas of my life, that’s when I’m happiest. Take the tour and see the work I do and the projects I am involved in.