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Associated Researcher, Biology, Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden Research Institute

I am a biologist with broad interests in Ecology, Evolution and the Conservation of Biodiversity. My work focuses on unveiling animal-plant interactions, including their associated ecological and evolutionary processes, and how they respond to human-driven disturbances.

I combine network ecology and evolutionary thinking to natural history, ecological theory and statistical tools to understand how biodiversity is responding to the challenges imposed by the Anthropocene, an epoch dominated by human-made activities and Earth-transformations. Therefore, I am also interested on finding alternatives towards the reconciliation between nature and humanity.

I am currently a Young Research Fellow at Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden, and a Associated Researcher at Juruá Institute, challenging myself and starting to work with socio-ecological networks and bioeconomy in tropical forests.

I hold a vast experience in the Academy, indluing a 3y postdoc at São Paulo State University, 1y at Estación Biológica de Doñana, and 1y at Pernambuco Federal University. I have also explored conservation in situ at the Brazilian National Centre for Wild Birds Research and Conservation.