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Carla Bento Guedes

Cultural Astronomy & Cultural Competence Researcher, UNSW Sydney

Sydney-based Uni Tutor/ Cultural Astronomer Researcher / Master by Research in INDIGENOUS STUDIES,CULTURAL COMPETENCE, and CULTURAL ASTRONOMY/ Creative Director & Copywriter Freelancer.

A career focused on people, creativity, communication, writing, exploring Anthropology in Journalism and Advertising, studying Australian Indigenous peoples, Cultural Astronomy and Cultural Competence.

After almost 20 years of a solid, interesting , intense, coherent and awarded career in the Communication industry (first, as a journalist, and after as a creative copywriter/Creative Director), time has come to invest in the focus, rigour, academic and scientific knowledge. After finishing her 1st year of Ph.D. in COMMUNICATION SCIENCE course in Portugal (at Lusófona University in Lisbon), Carla is now interested in completing a MASTER by RESEARCH course in CULTURAL COMPETENCE, INDIGENOUS STUDIES, and CULTURAL ASTRONOMY (at University of New South Wales in Sydney). Exploring Cultural Competence for Astronomer, and how this knowledge can help Cultural Astronomers (and others scientists using ethnography as part of the scientific process) to increase their Cultural Competency towards the Australian Indigenous peoples. A personal investment in scientific research that will only be complete when three interests are completely united under an Academy recognised Australian Ph.D.: CULTURAL COMPETENCE, INDIGENOUS STUDIES, AND AUSTRALIAN INDIGENOUS ASTRONOMY.


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    Cultural Astronomy & Cultural Competence Researcher, UNSW Australia