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Carlos Capdevila Montes

My actual position is Research Scientist at the Physical Metallurgy Department and Deputy Director for Science of the Spanish National Center for Metallurgical Research (CENIM), one of the research institutes of the Spanish National Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), and the only devoted to research on metals. Previously, I was Research Associate in the Phase Transformation Research Group lead by Prof. Bhadeshia at the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy of the University of Cambridge-UK.
My research topics include phase transformations in steels, characterisation of the microstructure and optimisation of the mechanical properties of steels and iron-based alloys, thermodynamics and kinetics modelling of isothermal and anisothermal phase transformations in steels, and design of steels for industrial applications with high requirements. I belong to the Group of solid-sold phase transformations (MATERALIA) of CENIM-CSIC, within which I lead the research line on the development of heat-resistant Fe-base alloys for its application in power generation systems under extreme conditions. In this line of research, the development of Fe-base alloys is explored through alloy design, microstructural optimization and through the controlled dispersion of nano-sized ceramic particles; applying technologies ranging from powder metallurgy to controlled thermomechanical processing.
I have been coordinator of 6 projects, PI in 6 international projects and 15 national projects. I carried out activities of knowledge transfer and innovation in the framework of 35 contracts with industry. I have supervised 6 PhDs and 14 MPhils. I have published more than 180 papers included in the Science Citation Report, with an h-index of 34 according Scopus, 3 book chapters and 93 contributions to seminars/symposia.