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Professor of Geography, Queen Mary University of London

My research is rooted in development geography although I also work on transnational migration and on North-South linkages. My early work in the Global South focused on development processes in relation to gender, poverty and household livelihoods, together with subsequent work on urban violence and civil society. Although much of this research focused on Latin America, I have also worked in South East Asia and southern Africa. My more recent research on transnational migration has concentrated on Latin American migration to the UK (and to Spain) as well as the nature of migrant labour within London’s low-pay economy.

I teach various aspects of development geography across all levels of the curriculum from first year to masters modules. My teaching is particularly focused on linking the theory and practice of international development and North-South linkages through analysing what happens at the grassroots, to the work of institutions and to more theoretical research. This is closely linked to my research which has involved working with the urban poor in many regions of the Global South and international migrants in cities of the Global North as well as my continual engagement with Non-Governmental Organisations and international donor agencies where I have worked in various guises over the years. I have also published a textbook (with Sylvia Chant) (2009)Geographies of Development in the 21st Century: an Introduction to the Global South.


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    Professor of Geography, Queen Mary University of London