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Chris Nowotarski

Associate Professor of Atmospheric Science, Texas A&M University

My research is geared toward developing a better understanding of the structure and dynamics of convective storms in midlatitudes with the ultimate goal of improving prediction of such events and their attendant hazards. Though I am interested in severe convection of all forms, my current research is focused on supercell thunderstorms, particularly the development of low-level rotation in these storms as it relates to tornado genesis. Our principal tools for these investigations are idealized simulations using cloud-resolving computer models compared with analyses of observed data collected both operationally and through research field experiments. My research group has other active research in areas including: Southeastern United States tornado environments, tropical cyclone tornadoes, teleconnection signals and large-scale influences of severe weather events, machine learning techniques for probabilistic forecasting, data assimilation in convection-allowing forecast models, and collaborative research in modeling effects of permafrost changes on Arctic meteorology.


  • –present
    Associate Professor of Atmospheric Science, Texas A&M University