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Christina Mary Pollard

Associate professor, Curtin University

A/Professor Pollard calls herself a ‘pracademic’ –recognising the need for translating research into policy and practice. She worked for government for over 30 years to improve public health nutrition and has made the move to academia to influence change. Currently she is Associate Professor, Public Health Priorities and Director of the Public Health Advocacy Institute and Mentally Healthy WA at Curtin University. Christina aims to focus on influencing the social determinants of health. She has extensive experience in developing, implementing and evaluating public health interventions, from policy to social marketing campaigns, to food regulation and food service incentive schemes, at national, state and local levels. She is best known for developing the Gofor2&5® fruit and vegetable campaign.
Christina has a particular interest in improving nutrition for population groups who are vulnerable to poor nutrition due to their social, environmental or economic circumstances.
The views presented here are her own and do not reflect those of the organisations for which she works.


  • 2011–present
    University Associate, Curtin University


  • 2008 
    Curtin University, Doctor of Philosophy
  • 2000 
    Flinders University, Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Management
  • 1993 
    Curtin University, Master of Public Health
  • 1982 
    Curtin Univeristy (formerly WAIT), Graduate Diploma Dietetics
  • 1981 
    Curtin Univeristy (formerly WAIT), Bachelor of Applied Science (Nutrition & Food Science)


Fellow of the Public Health Association of Australia, Fellow of the World Cancer Research Fund