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Christina Pantazis

Professor of Zemiology, University of Bristol

Christina's research focuses on two broad areas: (i) social harm and criminalisation; and (ii) poverty, social exclusion and inequality, particularly concerning issues related to gender and ethnicity.

She is working with a number of colleagues in the School for Policy Studies, and beyond including Paddy Hillyard (Queen's University), Simon Pemberton (University of Birmingham) and Steve Tombs (Open University) to develop a disciplinary area known as zemiology (the study of social harm). Her specific interests lie in the harms of criminalisation, gendered harm, and the harms associated with poverty and inequality. Her current researh is examining FGM safeguarding policies and their (criminalising) impacts on communities.

She is co-editor of the Policy Press book series 'Studies in Social Harm (please contact her if you are interested in exploring ideas for a book proposal) is on the Ediorial Board for Bristol University Press (Criminology).