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Christopher Massey

Lecturer in Politics and History, Teesside University

Dr. Christopher Massey has longstanding links to Teesside University. He graduated from the University in 2007 with first-class BA degree in history, and completed an MA the following year, graduating with distinction. In 2012, Christopher submitted his PhD thesis, ‘Public Ownership and the Labour Governments of 1945-51: The Case of Steel Nationalisation’ and graduated as a Doctor of Philosophy.

Christopher has always been fascinated by British labour and trade union history. His doctoral work explored the 1945-51 Labour Governments’ attitude to steel nationalisation by assessing, for the first time, this controversial policy through five key case studies of: the Labour Party, the Conservative Party, the British Iron and Steel Federation, the Iron and Steel Trades Confederation and the campaigns of Alfred Edwards (MP for Middlesbrough East 1935-50).

In 2015, Christopher returned to the University to take up the position of post-doctoral researcher in history. His new research project concentrates on the life and career of Lord Tom Sawyer, Teesside University’s former Chancellor and a key figure in the Labour Party and trade union movement. Lord Sawyer played a crucial, but often unseen and uncredited role in Labour's modernisation in the 1979-97 period. As a prominent NEC member (1983-97), the Chair of Labour's Policy Review (1987-92), and the Party's General Secretary (1994-98), Sawyer played the greatest individual part in the birth of New Labour outside of Kinnock, Blair and Brown.


  • –present
    Lecturer in Politics and History, Teesside University