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Cindy Mora-Stock

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Earth Science Department and Statistics and Actuarial Sciences Department, Western University

Currently, Postdoctoral Research Associate at Western University, jointly appointed between Dept. Earth Sciences and Dept. Stats & Actuarial Sciences. Dr. rer. Nat (PhD in Natural Sciences) from the CAU in Kiel, Germany.
Program Coordinator for the Collaborative Specialization on Multihazard Risk and Resilience Graduate Program at Western University []

My research topics comprise "rumbles and big booms": earthquakes and volcanoes. Specifically, crustal and volcanic seismicity to understand how faults make ways to feed volcanoes, and how the different volcanic signals tell us a story on how a volcanic eruption evolved. I also use these crustal and volcanic earthquakes to image below the surface and get an idea of what the magmatic reservoirs and paths look like, using a method called tomography (same physics behind medical tomography but without the equipment).

Parallel to my research, I advocate for the visibility of women in STEM, and bringing science to the community. This has led me to be featured as a panel member at EGU General Assembly in sessions about science communication, and in Chilean and international newspapers and tv news programs as a science communicator (seismology and volcanism).


  • 2019–present
    Postdoctoral Research Associate, Western University