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Clare Oliver-Williams

Research Fellow, University of Cambridge

My research interests are in female specific risk factors for cardiovascular disease and high dimensional genomics

My PhD focused on the intersection between pregnancy loss and coronary heart disease in women, and my work continues to combine both women’s reproductive health and cardiovascular disease.

Currently I am investigating the risk of a range of cardiovascular outcomes in relation to parity. Overall, this work recognises that reproductive conditions affect more than the reproductive system and thus, obstetric history can be used as a marker of cardiovascular risk.

The second aspect of my research focuses on high dimensional genomics in cardiovascular disease, in the case of my work this investigates primarily lipids. This research has important implications for understanding and identifying causal genetic factors in the development of cardiovascular disease.


  • 2016–2020
    Junior Research Fellow, University of Cambridge
  • 2015–2015
    Research Associate, University of Cambridge