Clarissa A. Thompson

Associate Professor of Cognitive Psychology, Kent State University

Dr. Thompson completed her Ph. D. in Developmental and Cognitive Psychology in 2008 at The Ohio State University. After spending two years as a postdoctoral research associate at Carnegie Mellon University, she became an Assistant Professor at the University of Oklahoma in 2010. While at OU, Dr. Thompson coordinated the Elements of Psychology Program and taught graduate students how to teach for the first time. She joined the Kent State Department of Psychological Sciences and the Science of Learning in Education (SOLE) Center in the Fall semester of 2014. Dr. Thompson is currently an Associate Professor in Cognitive Psychology and the Department of Psychological Sciences' Undergraduate Curriculum Coordinator. Her primary program of research focuses on how people of all ages learn and transfer their knowledge to new contexts, specifically within the domain of mathematics.


  • 2018–2020
    Associate professor, Kent State University
  • 2014–2018
    Assistant professor, Kent State University
  • 2010–2014
    Assistant professor, University of Oklahoma
  • 2008–2010
    Postdoctoral fellow, Carnegie Mellon University

Grants and Contracts

  • 2019
    Using TopHat Textbook Resources to Provide Students and Instructors Diagnostic Insights
    Funding Source:
    Top Hat Publishers
  • 2016
    Cognitive Support for Learning Fraction Magnitudes
    Funding Source:
    U.S. Department of Education