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Claude C. Chibelushi

Professor of Cognitive Digital Media Computing, Staffordshire University

My research is targeted at machine intelligence, particularly under adverse operational conditions. I develop leading-edge computing techniques for analysing or synthesising digital media (such as image, video, speech, or text data), to underpin innovative tools used in digital entertainment, automotive, security, privacy, safety, digital forensics or healthcare applications, for example. I am particularly interested in producing solutions for real-world problems; in the form of innovative technology such as our patented world-leading Spectral 360®, which outclassed other algorithms from prestigious universities and companies from around the world.

Examples of my current and recent research projects include:

* Prediction of the constellation of two motor vehicles, ahead of an impending frontal collision
(in collaboration with the BMW Research & Innovation Centre, Munich – Germany)

* Graphical simulation environments for evaluating highly automated driving functions in intelligent motor vehicles of the future
(in collaboration with the BMW Research & Innovation Centre, Munich – Germany)

* Framework and data fusion for automating the categorisation of paedophilic multimedia
(in collaboration with Staffordshire Police)

* Privacy-preserving services for wireless multimedia sensor networks in healthcare
(in collaboration with the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, Egypt)

* Kernel methods for pattern classification, inspired by ultra-wideband spread-spectrum techniques

* Context-aware cloud-based platform for collaborative software development in the cloud

* Video coding for low bit-rate transmission

* Application of pattern recognition for automation in smart cities
(in collaboration with APIIT SD India)