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Professor of Cancer Genetics, University of East Anglia

Colin is the Cross-cutting GeCIP representative on the GeCIP Board. He is professor of cancer genetics and associate dean of research at the University of East Anglia. He currently jointly runs the Cancer Research UK ICGC (International Cancer Genome Consortium) Prostate Cancer Project aimed at collecting whole genome DNA Sequence data from prostate cancers. He also jointly runs the multidisciplinary Pan Prostate Cancer Group that is co-ordinating analysis of whole genome data from this disease worldwide, with partners from the UK, Canada, Finland, France, USA, China and Australia. He has a particular interest in the identification of microorganisms from human whole genome DNA sequence data and heads a cross-cutting GeCIP domain that plans to correlate the presence of infectious agents with human disease.

Colin’s main research interest, through the above and other projects, is the development of methods for distinguishing aggressive from non-aggressive prostate cancer. This includes the development of a urine biomarker as part of a Movember GAP1 project and the application of new mathematical approaches to existing datasets.