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Craig Shuttleworth

Honorary Visiting Research Fellow, Bangor University

My research is focussed upon red squirrel and pine marten recovery. I am interested in the role that disease plays in applied conservation, in particular adenovirus and squirrelpox virus in red and grey squirrel populations. Having been lucky enough to be able to spend thirty years out in the field, I have benefitted from generous collaborations with colleagues who have the technical skills and knowledge to turn field data into mathematical models, or to take biological samples and unlock their genetic secrets.

I have published peer-reviewed papers in a wide range of journals with little care about impact-factor! In addition, I have also co-edited several books on invasive species management, the grey squirrel as an invasive species in Europe and national/international red squirrel conservation initiatives.

In 2017, I travelled to Canada to study eastern grey squirrels in British Columbia.


  • –present
    Honorary Visiting Research Fellow, Bangor University