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Cristina Sotomayor-Castillo

Postdoctoral research fellow, University of Sydney

I am a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine (DVM) with a Master Degree in Preventive Medicine and a PhD from Sydney Medical School on the field of infectious diseases, The University of Sydney. I am currently a Senior Research Officer within Professor Ramon Z Shaban's research team. My main interests are Global Health, infectious diseases, zoonoses, antimicrobial resistance and the use of whole genome sequencing as an early surveillance tool for outbreak prevention. My current line of research is within the One Health and Global Health approaches, studying the relationships between air travel and the risk of antimicrobial resistance spread.


  • 2020–2021
    Postdoctoral research fellow, The University of Sydney
  • 2019–2019
    Senior Research Officer, The University of Sydney
  • 2014–2018
    Research Assistant, The University of Sydney
  • 2017–2018
    Project Officer, The University of Sydney
  • 2006–2017
    University Lecturer, Universidad Austral of Chile