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Associate Professor in Environmental Science, Macquarie University

I am an Environmental Scientist who has worked all over the world in geomorphology and environmental quality. I have worked consistently in sedimentology and geochemistry since 1987, studying geomorphic processes and using geochemical techniques to gain insights as to how and when sediments were deposited. I have had the privilege of working in Antarctica on four occasions, with five other trips to the Arctic. Since 1996 I have worked on contaminant transport and mitigation within Antarctica, and since 2002 I have worked on remediation of contaminated sites within Australia.

Most of my research involves environmental geochemistry, and particularly understanding, using and extending the use of environmental X-rays using techniques such as X-ray fluorescence spectrometry and X-ray diffractometry.

Recent projects including assessing tank rainwater quality in towns near Newcastle, acid mine drainage and metal pollution elsewhere in New South Wales, and ongoing research in contaminant stabilisation. Most recently I have served on the Thirlmere Lakes Inquiry, which was an independent inquiry into the reductions in the levels of Thirlmere Lakes, NSW.


  • –present
    Associate Professor, Macquarie University


  • 1995 
    The University of Newcastle, PhD