PhD Researcher in Soil Science, Lancaster University

Having been brought up within the Norfolk countryside, some of my fondest memories are of Sunday strolls across the fields. I may only have been five or six, but a passion for soil was brewing.

20 years later and that enthusiasm for soil is still as strong. Before my undergraduate degree, I received a scholarship from the Royal Geographical Society and spent some time at the University of Fairbanks, Alaska as a field assistant on a mass movement project.

This interest in erosion propagated throughout my BSc Physical Geography degree, based at the Royal Holloway University of London. In particular, my dissertation research investigated the influence of root tapering on bulk soil erodibility. It was a fantastic project back in Norfolk with long, hot summer days spent digging, coring and probing the soil I used to stroll across, all those years ago.


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    PhD Researcher in Environmental Science, Lancaster University