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Honorary Research Fellow, Macquarie University

My research interests are diverse, but are broadly centred on the ecology and evolution of reptiles. I am particularly interested in understanding the proximate and ultimate causes of phenotypic variation in morphology and life history traits, and how these influence the day-to-day lives of organisms. I am also passionate about using best science to inform decisions about wildlife resource management, and how this can be maximised to benefit people’s livelihoods and species conservation.


  • 2008–present
    Director, EPIC Biodiversity
  • 2020–present
    Chair, IUCN / SSC Boa and Python Specialist Group


  • 2019 
    Macquarie University, Honorary Research Fellow
  • 2016 
    University of Sydney, PhD (Ecology; Evolutionary Biology; Population Biology)
  • 2010 
    University of New South Wales, MPhil (Zoology; Animal Biology; Conservation)
  • 2008 
    University of New South Wales, BSc (Biological Sciences and Ecology)

Professional Memberships

  • IUCN / SSC Sustainable Use and Livelihoods Specialist Group
  • IUCN / SSC Boa and Python Specialist Group
  • IUCN / SSC Crocodile Specialist Group
  • IUCN / SSC Monitor Lizard Specialist Group