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Danny Christiansen

Exercise Physiologist with expertise in strategies for Athlete Performance, Recovery, Nutrition, and Health.

Teamwork • Focus • Drive • Results


  • 2014–2018
    Researcher, Victoria University (Melbourne)


  • 2019
    Blood flow-restricted training enhances thigh glucose uptake during exercise and muscle antioxidant function in humans,
  • 2019
    Cycling with blood flow restriction improves performance and muscle K+ regulation and alters the effect of antioxidant infusion in humans,
  • 2019
    A fast, reliable and sample-sparing method to identify fibre types of single muscle fibres,
  • 2018
    Increased FXYD1 and PGC-1α mRNA after blood flow-restricted running is related to fibre type-specific AMPK signalling and oxidative stress in human muscle,
  • 2018
    Cold-water immersion after training sessions: Effects on fiber type-specific adaptations in muscle K+ transport proteins to sprint-interval training in men,
  • 2018
    Molecular stressors underlying exercise training‐induced improvements in K+ regulation during exercise and Na+,K+‐ATPase adaptation in human skeletal muscle,


Excellence in Football Research Award (ECSS), Young Investigator Award (ECSS), and EBM Outstanding Reviewer Award.