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Professor of Risk Management and Injury Prevention, University of Technology Sydney

David Eager is an internationally recognised expert on the safety aspects of trampolines and playgrounds, play surfaces, and sports and recreation equipment. He is the Professor for Risk Management and Injury Prevention at UTS. He is a Fellow of Engineers Australia, Chartered Professional Engineer and on the National Professional Engineers Register.

David has a PhD in Engineering (UNSW), 1st Class Honours Degree in Engineering (NSWIT); and a Graduate Certificate in Dispute Resolution (UTS).

David was the dux of the final year of his undergraduate engineering degree. He worked in the mining, manufacturing and construction industries for more than a decade before entering academe. In 1992 David was awarded an Australian Postgraduate Research Award – Industry and in 1995 joined UTS academic staff. In 2007 he was appointed as an honorary safety advisor with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. In 2009 he was awarded the William Evans Fellowship by the University of Otago, New Zealand.

David completed a fitting and machinist apprenticeship with CSR Ltd; TAFE Electrical Wiring Engineering Course; TAFE Establishing a Small Business; Graduate course in Principles and Practice of Teaching and Learning (UNSW); Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training; and WHS General Construction Induction.

In 2020 David was awarded the Standards Australia National Meritorious Contribution Award for dedicated service in standards development. In acknowledgement of more than 25 years of voluntary service in the play industry he was appointed a Life Member of Play Australia in 2021.

David is the Head of Delegation for Australia on ISO/TC 83 Sports and recreational equipment (since 2012). He is the Co-Convenor (Chair) and the Head of Delegation for Australia on ISO TC/83 WG 8 Playground equipment and surfacing (since 2017). He is the Head of Delegation for Australia on ISO TC/83 WG 4 Computer vision systems for the detection of drowning accidents in swimming pools (since 2015). He is also the Head of Delegation for Australia on ISO TC/83 WG 6 Hazard identification and risk assessment (since 2018) and ISO TC/83 WG 5 Kiteboarding (since 2017). He was the Head of Delegation for Australia on ISO TC/83 WG 3 Summer toboggan rides (2013 to 2016) and TC/83 SC 6 Martial arts (2015 to 2016).

David is the Head of Delegation for Australia on ISO TC/254 Safety of amusement rides and amusement devices (since 2013).

David is the ISO liaison for ISO TC/83 with several Committees including ISO/TC 254, ISO/TC 228 and CEN/TC 136.

He is an invited technical observer on the European Union Technical Committee CEN/TC 136/SC 1 Children’s Playground Equipment and Surfacing (since 2006).

David was the UTS Assistant Student Ombud from January 2013 to December 2021. He is a past Deputy Chair of the Academic Board and a past Head of School (Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering) and passed Head of Discipline (Mechanical Engineering).

David was on the Board of Kidsafe NSW (2003-2015).

David was a Green Beret within 1 Commando Regiment in the Australian Army Reserve in the 70s and again in the 80s. He was selected to represent 1 Commando Company on their prestigious Mountbatten Team that went on to win the 1988 Trophy.

As an undergraduate student, David was the driving force behind the formation of the inaugural NSWIT Mountaineering Society in 1979 (survives at the ‘UTS Outdoor Adventure Club’) and served as the founding President of the Society (1979-80). As an academic, he Chaired the Australian Standards Committee SF-047 that was responsible for drafting and publishing the inaugural climbing gym Australian Standard AS 2316 Artificial climbing structures and challenge course equipment. He is currently the drafting leader for Sports and recreation facilities ropes course Standard.

David was a Red Cross Blood Donor for more than 40 years and over that time has happily gave more than 125 donations.

David holds pro-bono positions where he represents Engineers Australia on the following Australian Standards Committees:

Trampoline Park Facilities SF-051 (since 2016, Chairperson 2016 to present);

Children's Playground Equipment and Surfacing CS-005 (since 1998, Chairperson 2008 to 2021);

Amusement Rides and Devices ME-051 (since 1997);

Landborne Inflatable Devices ME-51-02 (since 2003, Chairperson since 2003);

Contained Play Facilities ME-51-03 (since 2005, Chairperson since 2005);

Trampolines CS-100 (since 2000, Chairperson 2000 to 2013);

Sports and Recreational Equipment CS-101 (2006-2007, Chairperson since 2018);

Artificial Climbing Structures and Challenge Course Equipment SF-047 (2003-present, Chairperson 2003 to 2010 and since 2019);

Swimming and spa pools CS-034 (2016-2018);

Greenhouse gas measurement and accounting EV-015 (2000 to 2004);

Acoustic definitions AV-001 (1996 to 2002); and

Acoustics human effects AV-003 (1996 to 2002).


  • 2013–2021
    Assistant Student Ombud, UTS
  • 2009–2020
    Member Faculty Board, UTS
  • 2018–2020
    Member Human Research Ethics Committee, UTS
  • 2008–2019
    Member Academic Board, UTS
  • 2017–2018
    Head of School Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering, UTS:FEIT
  • 2016–2017
    Head of Discipline Mechanical Engineering, UTS:FEIT
  • 2013–2015
    Mentor Young Achievers Program, Standards Australia
  • 2014–2014
    Member Misconduct Reference Group, UTS: Research and Research Training Committee
  • 2014–2014
    Member Deans Selection Committee, UTS
  • 2012–2013
    Chair Academic Risk Working Group, Executive Committee, Academic Board, UTS
  • 2011–2013
    Member Central Promotions Committee (Level D), University of Sydney
  • 2011–2012
    Chair Academic Board Engagement Project Working Group, Executive Committee, Academic Board, UTS
  • 2011–2012
    Deputy Chair Academic Board, UTS
  • 1996–2008
    Member Faculty Board, UTS:Engineering
  • 2003–2008
    Member Student Misconduct Committee, UTS:Engineering
  • 2003–2005
    Member Professional Experience Program Committee, UTS:Engineering
  • 1997–2003
    Member Academic Board, UTS
  • 1996–2002
    Director of Studies Bachelor of Technology Programs, UTS:Engineering
  • 2000–2002
    Chair Double Degrees Exam Review Committee, UTS:Engineering
  • 1997–2002
    Director Bachelor of Technology in HVAC, UTS:Engineering
  • 1996–2002
    Chair Bachelor of Technology Programs Exam Review Committee, UTS:Engineering
  • 1996–2002
    Planning Director Bachelor of Technology Programs, UTS:Engineering
  • 1996–2002
    Director Bachelor of Technology in Manufacturing, UTS:Engineering
  • 2000–2002
    Program Head Double Degrees, UTS:Engineering
  • 1997–2002
    Member, Deans Advisory Committee, UTS:Engineering
  • 1998–2000
    Chair BE/BBus Exam Review Committee, UTS:Engineering
  • 1999–2000
    Manager 2000 Orientation Camp, UTS:Engineering
  • 1998–2000
    Director BE/BBus Program, UTS:Engineering
  • 1998–1999
    Member Orientation Camp Committee, UTS:Engineering
  • 1996–1998
    Chair Bachelor of Technology Restructuring Committee, UTS:Engineering
  • 1997–1998
    Member Planning Committee, Bachelor of Business and Technology, UTS:Engineering / UTS:Business
  • 1997–1998
    Sub Dean Bachelor of Technology Programs, UTS:Engineering
  • 1996–1998
    Chair Bachelor of Technology Industry Advisory Committee, UTS:Engineering
  • 1997–1998
    Member Faculty Board, UTS:DAB
  • 1998–1998
    Member Market Reference Group, UTS:Engineering
  • 1996–1998
    Member Advisory Committee, Master of Design Science (Building Services), Faculty of Architecture, University of Sydney
  • 1997–1998
    Planning Director, Bachelor of Business and Technology, UTS:Engineering
  • 1996–1998
    Member Department of Architecture and Design Science Board, Faculty of Architecture, University of Sydney
  • 1996–1997
    Member Faculty Board, Faculty of Architecture, University of Sydney
  • 1995–1996
    Member Outreach Working Party, UTS:Engineering

Professional Memberships

  • Institution of Engineers Australia
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Australian Acoustical Society