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Emeritus Professor of Environmental Engineering, University of Sheffield

David has a mixed career background, including time with Anglian Water Authority and international consultants Black and Veatch (as they are now called). He became an academic in 1984. Early work experience included water resources modelling, irrigation hydrology, flood hydrology and erosion control, as well as his specialism of groundwater. David has worked in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Peru and Algeria as well as throughout the UK.

Current research interests:

Catchment Science - understanding and predicting how landuse influences ecological quality of surface waters, under the influence of hydrology and reactive transport processes.
Urban groundwater - including recharge, pollutant loads, risk analysis, groundwater valuation and protection.
Natural attenuation of organic pollution - especially at field research sites. I have an particular interest in performance models for assessing the potential for NA, and the issues of mixing into reactive plumes.
DNAPL movement - the risks to groundwater and downstream users arising from residuals.
Multilevel sampling technologies - including the development of the Multiport sock sampler, and a bundled piezometer design for sandstone aquifers.


  • –present
    Professor , Environmental Engineering