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Visiting Research Fellow, Liverpool John Moores University

My career began as an NHS health practitioner and developed to include the roles of Occupational Health Sister in Camell Laird Shipyard and Crisis Co-ordinator for the Hillsborough Disaster in 1989. My professional qualifications and experience includes that of law, education, leadership and management.

I have enjoyed senior leadership and management roles in health, academia and government. I am passionate about supporting people to manage work and life transitions, and design learning programmes to facilitate this. I have conducted research into how we can support employees in the aftermath of workplace errors, and how we can develop the resilience and wellbeing of people in work and in our communities. As an experienced executive coach and mentor my practice focuses on developing resilient leadership.

I am an Affiliate Member, IOC, at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School and the Wellbeing at Work expert for BBC Wales.
I am an academic reviewer for a number of international journals. I enjoy writing, and working with others to bring evidence of best practice to wider audiences.


  • 2016–present
    Dr, Visiting fellow