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Professor Derek Smith is an award-winning, multidisciplinary researcher based at the University of Newcastle in Australia. His wide variety of research interests include: Environmental & Occupational Health, Public Health, Bibliometrics and Research Utility, Hazard Assessment, Risk Factor Evaluation, Epidemiology, Tobacco Control, Tropical Health, Student Health and Medical History.


  • 2008–2015
    Adjunct Professor, James Cook University
  • 2008–2015
    Professor, University of Newcastle


    James Cook University, MSc
    James Cook University, MPH
    University of Southern Queensland, PhD
    University of Yamanashi, PhD
    Queensland University of Technology, MHSc
    Griffith University, BSc
    University of New England, BEd


  • 2015
    Assessing productivity among university academics and scientific researchers, Archives of Environmental & Occupational Health
  • 2014
    Albert Sabin: The development of an oral poliovirus vaccine, Pioneers of Medicine Without a Nobel Prize
  • 2013
    Declining rates of tobacco use in the Japanese medical profession, 1965-2009, Journal of Epidemiology
  • 2012
    Impact factors, scientometrics and the history of citation-based research, Scientometrics
  • 2011
    Examining the dimensions of hospital safety climate and psychosocial risk factors among Japanese nurses, Journal of Transcultural Nursing

Research Areas

  • Public Health And Health Services (1117)
  • History And Philosophy Of Specific Fields (2202)
  • Library And Information Studies (0807)