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Dr Haroon Hussain

Having gained my BSc in Biomedical Science I have acquired the necessary practical experience along with the theory of many areas concerning the human body at a cellular, molecular and anatomical level.

My interest was aroused in particular to the biology, discovery, development and treatment relating specifically to cancer. Therefore, I was determined to learn more and was fortunate to pursue my interest even further by completing my MSc in Cancer Therapeutics at the Barts Cancer Institute. Scientists all across the world are discovering new ways the disease develops, how and why it spreads and inventing novel treatments to stop it. Although our knowledge of cancer is ever increasing, the fight to eradicate the disease completely is not over yet.

I decided to join this fight and was lucky enough to be accepted into a PhD programme at Brunel University with a research project focusing on a protein called breast tumour kinase (Brk) and its relation to breast cancer therapies.


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    PhD Student, Brunel University London
  • Brunel University, Uxbridge
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