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Dr. Youbin Zheng

Associate Professor, University of Guelph

The objectives of Dr. Zheng's research programs are to: 1) provide the scientific foundation and develop tangible technologies for producing plant materials in controlled environments (e.g., greenhouse, indoor) in a sustainable and environmentally-responsible manner; 2) use green infrastructure (e.g. green roofs, constructed wetlands, and rain gardens) to improve the environment and to help build a sustainable society. His research area includes greenhouse ornamental, medicinal and vegetable plant production, nursery and landscape plant production and maintenance, green infrastructure (e.g. green roofs), and urban agriculture.

The following are some examples of the on-going research activities in his lab.
 Lighting and medical cannabis production
 Root zone environment management (e.g., substrate and fertilisation) for medical cannabis production
 Microgreen production under controlled environment
 Using LEDs in greenhouse ornamental crop production
 Fertilization for container nursery crop production.
 Using beneficial microorganisms for water- and soil-borne pathogen control
 Water use and conservation.


  • –present
    Associate professor, Horticulture