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Eleanor Feingold

Professor of Human Genetics, University of Pittsburgh

I am a statistical geneticist. I develop statistical methods for questions in genetics, particularly involving genomic data and new technologies. I like digging into the gory details and understanding how data from new technologies need to be cleaned before they can be used. I also enjoy working with large collaborative groups to dissect the genetics of particular traits. My current projects include:
• Statistical methods for complex family-based datasets
• Detecting identity-by-descent and testing relationships using dense (sequence or chip) data
• Statistical properties of genome scan statistics
• Genotype error models for next-gen sequence data
• Genetic epidemiology of Down syndrome and heart defects
• Genetics of meiotic recombination
• Genetic epidemiology of dental caries
• Genetic epidemiology of cleft lip and palate and facial morphology
• Genetic epidemiology of Alzheimer's


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    Professor of Human Genetics, University of Pittsburgh