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Honorary Professor, Division of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Students and Education), University of Tasmania

Professor Ramsay is currently an honorary professor at the University of Tasmania in the Division of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Students and Education), following a couple of decades at the University of South Australia, firstly as the Pro Vice Chancellor responsible for Equity, and a range of other portfolio responsibilities and subsequently as an Adjunct Professor in the Hawke Research Institute. She has worked in education most of her career, initially as a teacher in this country and others, as a feminist activist in a teachers’ union, in senior public policy positions in the state education systems of South Australia and Queensland, as a researcher, a consultant, and policy analyst, and as the chair or member of a range of government boards and expert advisory bodies at the state and national levels. Much of this has been in South Australia with some years in Queensland and most recently in Tasmania where she now lives, with some excursions internationally especially with respect to women and leadership. She is the author of “Putting Gender Back on the Agenda" for the 2013 series Griffith REVIEW 39 Tasmania: the Tipping Point?

Much of Professor Ramsay’s activities have been, and continue to be collaborative and change-focussed, often at the forefront of social, educational, industrial and policy change. This activity is typically aimed at the achievement of greater equality of educational access and outcomes, equal employment opportunities, and gender equity in our public and private lives, emphases also reflected in her research, publications and consultancies. Currently she is engaged with community-based advocacy and public policy interventions aimed at increasing educational attainments levels across the schooling sector in Tasmania. And for several years she has been contributing to New Zealand’s national university women's leadership program for women in higher education, about which she presented papers in late 2014 in Vienna and Beijing. Professor Ramsay has been awarded a Centenary Medal by the Australian Government for her contribution to education and an honorary doctorate by the University of South Australia for her contribution to educational equity at the state and national levels.


  • 2011–present
    Honorary Professor, University of Tasmania
  • 2001–2014
    Adjunct Professor, University of South Australia
  • 1993–2001
    Pro Vice Chancellor, University of South Australia


  • 1979 
    Master of Arts (Sociology), University of Kent at Canterbury
  • 1972 
    Diploma of Education, Adelaide University
  • 1971 
    Bachelor of Arts (Honours History), Adelaide University


  • 2009
    Co-authored chapter entitled"Part-time Schooling", Making Schools Different: Alternative Approaches to Educating Young People (Sage Publications, London)
  • 2008
    "The 'absent presence' of part-time senior secondary study: a research and policy challenge", The Australian Educational Researcher, volume 35, no 2
  • 2006
    "LIfe-wide Learning and Part-time Senior Secondary Study", The International Journal of Learning volume 12, no 10
  • 2004
    "Blurring the Boundaries and Re-thinking the Categories: implications of enabling education for the mainstream post-compulsory sector", Australian Journal of Adult Learning, volume 44, no 3
  • 2001
    Chapter entitled"Managing in the Malestorm", Academic Women and the Politics of Restructuring (Open University Press)
  • 2001
    "Gender in the Australian Higher Education System", International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy
  • 1999
    "The National Framework for Higher Education Equity: its origins, evolution and current status", Higher Education Quarterly, volume 53, no 2
  • 1995
    "Feminism and the Future, Sisterhood and the State", Discourse Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, volume 18, no 3
  • 1995
    Chapter "Management, Gender and Language - or who is hiding behind the glass ceiling and why can't we see them?", Gender and Changing educational Management (Edward Arnold Australia
  • 1994
    "Managing Equity ion Higher Education", The Australian Universities', volume 37, no 2 Review
  • 1991
    "On Lies and Silence: Cross-cultural perspectives on the construction of women's oppression through linguistic omission" co-author, Working Papers on Language, Gender and Sexism, volume 1, no 2

Grants and Contracts

  • 2007
    “Pathways or Cul-de-Sacs: the causes, impact and implications of part-time senior secondary study”
    First named Chief Investigator
    Funding Source:
    ARC Linkage Program
  • 2005
    “A New Pathways for Adult Learners: evaluation of a school-university access pilot”
    Chief Investigator (sole)
    Funding Source:
    Evaluations and Investigations Program
  • 1998
    “Higher Education Access and Equity for Low-SES School Leavers”
    Research Team Leader
    Funding Source:
    Evaluations and Investigations Program
  • 1997
    “Cross-Sectoral Linkages: A Case Study”
    Research Team Leader
    Funding Source:
    Evaluations and Investigations Program
  • 1996
    “Outcomes of a University's Flexible Admission Policies”
    Research Team Leader
    Funding Source:
    Evaluations and Investigations Program


Centenary Medal (Government of Australia), 2001; Honorary Doctorate (University of SA) 2002