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Elisa Berdalet Andrés

I conducted my PhD thesis under the supervision of Dr M Estrada (ICM-CSIC, 1987-91), focused on phytoplankton ecophysiology.
My postdoc, advised by Dr T.T. Packard investigated bacterial respiration (IML, Québec 1991-93). I obtained a permanent position as CSIC Tenured Scientist in 1997, promoted to Scientific Researcher in 2018.
I have been involved in two international programs for coordination of international research on harmful algal blooms (HABs), GEOHAB (2008-2015) as Vice-Chair and GlobalHAB (2016-2019) as Chair.
I served as Vice Director of the ICM (2009-2019) and as head of the Nutrient Analysis Service of the ICM (2009-on going).
My general objective has been contributing to the understanding of the structure and dynamics of marine planktonic ecosystems, and their responses to environmental and anthropogenic forcings. Some highlights include:
- Improvements on the characterization of the physiological state and respiration of plankton using biochemical indicators.
- Demonstration of direct impacts of small-scale turbulence on dinoflagellates physiology (modulation of DNA, toxins and DMSP cell concentrations, cell and life cycle, encystment), parasite infection and grazing.
- Control of HABs by hydrodynamic regime and underground freshwater nutrient supply.

My present challenges include unveiling the toxic mechanisms associated to aerosols generated along Ostreopsis blooms and investigate the effects of climate change on HABs and other processes in polar regions.

ResearcherID: K-6956-2014
Código ORCID: 0000-0003-1123-9706
Scopus Anthor ID: 55975291500

Recent publications:
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  • –present
    Scientific Researcher, Instituto de Ciencias del Mar (ICM-CSIC)


  • 1991 
    University of Barcelona, PhD in Biology