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Senior Research Fellow, University of Liverpool

Elisa Puzzolo is a Senior Research Fellow within the Department of Public Health and Policy and the Co-Director for the CLEAN-Air(Africa) Global Health Research Group funded by the NIHR. She is also the Director of Research, Monitoring and Evaluation at the Global LPG Partnership (GLPGP), a non-profit organization (NGO) which partners with low and middle-income countries governments to create national plans for rapid and sustainable scale-up of LPG for clean cooking.

Her primary research focus is the health effects and adoption of household cooking interventions to reduce exposure to household air pollution (HAP) from solid fuel use. Much of her research relates to the evaluation of interventions, including assessment of clean cooking fuels and technologies and their impacts on health and society through mixed-method research. She is member of the US National Institute of Health (NIH) Implementation Science Network for Clean Cooking and an advisor to the Household Air Pollution Investigation Network (HAPIN) trial, an international multi-centre study aimed at assessing the impact of an LPG cooking stove and fuel intervention on health.

Before joining the University of Liverpool, Elisa worked at the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, contributing to the coordination programme on household energy, air pollution, health and climate change.