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Elizabeth Moore

Liz has completed a PhD with the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care (ANZIC) Research Centre investigating potential treatments for, and early markers of acute kidney injury in patients with traumatic brain injury. This involved the management of the Renal Substudies of the EPO-TBI and POLAR multicentre clinical trials. She also manages the ANTISEPSIS substudy of the 19,000 participant ASPREE trial and is Principal investigator of the Renal substudy of the TRANSFUSE trial. Liz has extensive experience as a critical care nurse and has more recently worked as Research Coordinator in the Royal Melbourne Hospital ICU and Victorian Infectious Diseases Service. She is a member of the Research Advisory Panel of the Australian College of Critical Care Nurses (ACCCN), the ACCCN Victorian Management Committee and Monash Human Research Ethics Committee. Her research interests include neurocritical care, acute kidney injury, intravenous fluid therapy in critical illness, cardiac surgical outcomes and renal biomarkers.

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