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Professor in Biogeochemical Cycles, University of Leeds

I am a Professor in Biogeochemical Cycles. My interest is in documenting and understanding large-scale (continental to global) interactions and changes of the coupled carbon cycle climate system over time-scales relevant to us today. Over the past decade my research has been focussed on tropics and particularly Amazonian tropical forests.

My scientific approaches are quite varied. One strand of investigation includes interpretation of atmospheric greenhouse gas patterns with various modelling tools including inverse models of atmospheric transport. In support of this approach together with colleagues from Brazil, USA and the Netherlands (Luciana V Gatti, John Miller, Wouter Peters) I have helped establish a lower troposphere greenhouse measurement program above the Amazon basin. Amazonia is an important component of both the global climate system and the global carbon cycle. This is because it hosts one of the largest 'labile' carbon pools - the humid forests. Another strand of investigation uses isotopes in tree rings as archives of hydrological cycling via oxygen isotopes in cellulose and physiological responses of tree growth via carbon isotopes in cellulose. This work is in collaboration with Roel Brienen. Finally, I am involved in forest site in situ measurements of forest functioning in regions of the tropics which are warming particularly rapidly (Amazon and Western Ghats) using a continuous monitoring approach complemented by a hydraulic and heat resistance traits approach. This work is in close collaboration with David Galbraith and Oliver Phillips.


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    Professor in Biogeochemical Cycles, University of Leeds