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Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Wildlife Ecology, University of Alberta

​I'm a wildlife ecologist interested in how individuals respond behaviourally to environmental change and how these behavioral responses shape species interactions, and population dynamics. My research sits at the interface of behavioural, metabolic, population and community ecology, and combines observation- and biologging-based field studies with theoretical modelling. I want to understand what drives the decision to be active, how that changes in different situations and what the implications are of that decision for a population. My long-term goal is to generate applied approaches that make monitoring behaviour an effective tool for species management and conservation.

I did my BScH at Queen's University, and my MSc and PhD at McGill University with Dr. Murray Humphries. I am currently a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Alberta. There, I am working with Dr. Stan Boutin to continue exploring the role that behaviour plays in determining dynamics of the boreal forest food web.