Reader in Psychology, Loughborough University

Emma is a Reader in Psychology. Emma’s research focuses on healthy development in children and adolescents. She has particular expertise in children’s eating behaviours (e.g., conducting research to discover effective ways to help children to eat more healthily), as well as caregiver feeding practices (e.g., identifying successful methods of supporting parents/caregivers with feeding infants and children). Much of Emma’s work has considered the interactions between caregivers and children/adolescents, particularly in relation to feeding, eating and mealtimes, but also in relation to sedentary screen-viewing behaviour and physical activity/exercise. Broadly, Emma conducts research which aims to contribute to health-promotion efforts in the UK and abroad. More specifically, her research has explored fussy eating, emotional eating, childhood obesity, infant feeding, the development of disordered eating, unhealthy (compulsive) exercise behaviours, and, excessive screen use in children/adolescents, as well as feeding practices, parenting, and mental health in adults.