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Senior Lecturer in Population, Medical and Evolutionary Genomics, Lund University

My research centres on identifying and addressing BIG QUESTIONS in biology from multiple fields such as:

Complex disorders, particularly mental health disorders
Population genetics (biogeography, population structure, DNA reconstruction)
Personalised medicine (prescribing medicine based on biogeography)
Molecular evolution (molecular clocks, evolution rates)
Genomics (genome evolution, phylogeny)
Paleo-genomics (Adam Y chromosome, ancient genomes)
Epigenetics (methylation, gene expression, regulation)

My research is multidisciplinary and requires computational and statistical skills alongside epidemiological and mathematical skills. For example, in Elhaik (2013a) I designed a dedicated microarray for genetic genealogy, in Elhaik (2013b) I showed that the origin of European Jews is from the Khazars, in Elhaik (2014a) I dated the most ancient human Y chromosome known as "Adam" Y chromosome, and in Elhaik (2014b) I developed the GPS tool that uses DNA to predict geographical origin of populations with an extreme accuracy. In 2016, my research group has led the study that uncovered "ancient Ashkenaz" in northeastern Turkey.

Current research topics include:

Identifying the environmental causes of autism and developing therapeutic methods
Studying the relationships between humans and extinct hominins
Predicting the geographical origins of ancient populations
Developing applications for personalised medicine and stem cell therapy


  • 2019–present
    Seni, Lund University