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Research scientist at SNOLAB, Adjunct faculty at Laurentian University, Laurentian University

I study neutrinos, the smallest bit of almost nothing that we've detected yet! Neutrinos are involved in the coolest reactions out there, fusion in the stars and fission of radioactive isotopes. By studying and measuring the properties of neutrinos, we hope to understand how the universe came to be.

I earned my PhD from Drexel University studying neutrino oscillations with an experiment based at a nuclear reactor on the French-Belgian border. I did my postdoc at Laurentian University working on the SNO+ experiment. I've continued my work on SNO+ now as a research scientist at SNOLAB, Canada's deep underground particle astrophysics laboratory.


  • –present
    Particle Physicist, SNOLAB


  • 2013 
    Drexel University, PhD/Physics