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Eugene Madzokere

PhD Candidate in Virology, Griffith University

Eugene Madzokere is a final year PhD Candidate in Virology at the Institute for Glycomics located at Griffith University.

He studies and researches
(1) the serological prevalence of viruses,
(2) the emergence, extinction, and phylogenetic, evolutionary and spatio-temporal relationship of viruses,
(3) constraints (e.g. selection pressure, mutation and recombination) and biases on virus evolution,
(4) geographical and epidemiological hot-spots of disease burden,
(5) influences of climate and land-use changes on dispersal of prominent viral mosquito vectors.
(6) new genomic targets for antivirals and,
(7) methods for controlling viral disease spread.


  • –present
    PhD Candidate in Virology, Griffith University


  • 2015 
    University of the Western Cape, Master of Science Honors Degree in Bioinfomatics