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Fabian Schuppert

Lecturer in International Political Theory and Philosophy, Queen's University Belfast

My primary research interests lie in (international) political theory, ethics, and moral & social philosophy, with a focus on social, intergenerational and environmental justice, theories of resource rights and territory, as well as normative appraoches to risk. My current work can be split into two groups, on the one hand normative work on republicanism, social (in)equality and recognition theory, and on the other hand applied normative work on natural resource governance, climate change, and the ethics of risk.

As part of the first cluster of research interests, I have worked on social-relational egalitarianism, the effects of social inequality on health and well-being, the normativity of social roles, republicanism, sufficientarianism and Hegelian recognition theory.

As part of the second cluster of research interests I work on the ethics of risk, the idea of satisficing, intergenerational (in)justice, global justice, water security and securitization, land grabbing, the normative conceptualization of resource and territorial rights, energy policy, as well as the ethics and politics of climate change.


  • –present
    Lecturer in International Politics, Queen's University Belfast