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Senior Research Fellow in Work & Employment Relations, RMIT University

Fiona Macdonald is a researcher in the School of Management and the Centre for People, Organisation and Work at RMIT University. She is a Fellow of the Future Social Service Institute (FSSI), a collaboration between RMIT and the Victorian Council of Social Services (VCOSS). Her research concerns changing forms of employment and the formal and informal regulation of work. Specific research interests are the regulation of employment on the margins of labour law, gender inequality and work and family. Fiona’s ARC DECRA research fellowship (2016-2019) is examining changes shaping social services work and outcomes for paid support and care workers, both in Australia and internationally. Her research is multi-disciplinary, drawing on political economy, sociology, socio-legal analysis and gender studies.


  • 2015–2016
    Senior Research Fellow, RMIT University