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Floyd W. Shockley

(He, Him, His)
Entomologist and Collections Manager, Smithsonian Institution

I oversee all aspects of collection management, logistics, purchasing and property management for the Department of Entomology, providing oversight of the National Insect Collection (100,000+ type specimens, 35 million+ specimens) and interacting with staff from the three agencies and 4 units that comprise the Combined Entomology Department (SI, USDA-SEL, USDA-APHIS, and DoD-WRBU).

My research interests focus on the taxonomy and systematics of fungus feeding beetles. I reconstruct phylogenetic relationships of Endomychidae using cladistics, likelihood and Bayesian techniques incorporating both morphological and molecular evidence, and use the resulting evolutionary hypotheses to explore patterns of change in physical, behavioral, and ecological characteristics.


Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society