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Genevieve Rayner

Dr Genevieve Rayner is a clinical neuropsychologist and early career researcher with expertise in cognitive and affective neuroscience; chiefly, in how alterations to cognition-related brain networks are linked to the symptoms of psychopathology and to processes of psychological adjustment. She is a postdoctoral fellow at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, as well as an Honorary Fellow in the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences at The University of Melbourne.

To date she has explored these relationships in models of network disease (epilepsy) as well as in healthy controls, using behavioural methodologies and neuroimaging technologies such as functional MRI. The primary focuses of her research are to (i) characterise the (bilateral) relationships between cognitive processes and psychological syndromes/disorders, (ii) to contribute to the ongoing functional mapping of the human cerebrum, and (iii) holistic consideration of demographic, psychosocial, psychological, and biological factors in adjustment to disease.

She also works clinically as a neuropsychologist in the multidisciplinary Trauma Rehabilitation Team at Barwon Health, contributing neurocognitive assessment and patient-centred adjustment therapies for persons recovering from a traumatic brain injury.


  • 2013–present
    Clinical Neuropsychologist, Trauma Rehabilitation Team, Barwon Health
  • 2016–present
    Honorary Fellow, Melbourne School of Psychological Science, The University of Melbourne
  • 2015–present
    Sessional Teaching, Melbourne School of Psychological Science, The University of Melbourne
  • 2015–present
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health
  • 2009–2015
    Research Assistant, Melbourne School of Psychological Science, The University of Melbourne


  • 2015 
    The University of Melbourne, PhD
  • 2013 
    The University of Melbourne, Masters of Clinical Neuropsychology
  • 2008 
    The University of Melbourne, BA (Hons)


  • 2016
    Cognition-related brain networks underpin the symptomotology of unipolar depression: evidence from a systematic review, Neuroscience and Biobehavioural Reviews
  • 2016
    The role of epilepsy surgery, Neuropsychiatric symptoms in epilepsy
  • 2016
    MRI-negative Temporal Lobe Epilepsy: a network disorder of neocortical connectivity., Neurology
  • 2016
    Two distinct symptom-based phenotypes of depression in epilepsy yield specific clinical and etiological insights, Epilepsy & Behavior
  • 2016
    Mechanisms of memory impairment in epilepsy depend on age at disease onset, Neurology
  • 2015
    Self-identity and autobiographic memory in epilepsy, Epilepsia
  • 2015
    Behavioural profiles in frontal lobe epilepsy: Autobiographic memory versus mood impairment, Epilepsia
  • 2012
    Psychiatric care in epilepsy surgery: who needs it?, Epilepsy Currents
  • 2012
    Intersecting factors lead to absolute pitch acquisition that is maintained in a "fixed do" environment", Music Perception
  • 2012
    Developmental outcomes of childhood-onset temporal lobe epilepsy: a community-based study, Epilepsia
  • 2011
    Profiling the evolution of depression after epilepsy surgery, Epilepsia
  • 2010
    Differential contributions of objective memory and mood to subjective memory complaints in refractory focal epilepsy, Epilepsy & Behavior

Grants and Contracts

  • 2015
    Autobiographical memory in Obstructive Sleep Apnoea: a neuroimaging study
    Funding Source:
    Institute for Breathing and Sleep Research Grant
  • 2010
    Autobiographical memory: a neuroimaging paradigm for improving diagnostic accuracy in epilepsy
    Funding Source:
    Austin Health Medical Research Foundation

Professional Memberships

  • Epilepsy Society of Australia
  • Clinical Neuropsychologist, Psychology Board of Australia, Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, No. PSY0001129526

Research Areas

  • Biological Psychology (Neuropsychology, Psychopharmacology, Physiological Psychology) (170101)
  • Neurocognitive Patterns And Neural Networks (170205)
  • Neurology And Neuromuscular Diseases (110904)