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Emeritus Professor of Archaeology, University of York

I have world-wide interests in the evolution of terrestrial landscapes and the ways in which geological instabilities resulting from sea-level change and active tectonics at plate margins and in rifts have shaped human lives, livelihoods and long-term evolutionary trajectories.

I have particular interests in coastal prehistory, in mounded shell middens, which occur in their hundreds of thousands around the coastlines of the world as the most visible archaeological expression of past coastal settlement, in the biomolecular analysis of marine mollusc shells for information on palaeodiet and palaeoclimate, in the relationship between coastal archaeology and changes in sea-level and coastal geomorphology, and in the contribution of coastal environments and marine resources to developments in world prehistory.

I have engaged in collaborative research on these themes in Europe, the Arabian Peninsula, Africa and Australia


  • –present
    Emeritus Professor of Archaeology, University of York


  • 1976 
    University of Cambridge, PhD in Archaeology