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Senior Lecturer in Psychology, The Open University

I am an applied cognitive researcher working across various different domains. Most of this work is carried out within two broad areas: clinical psychology, and forensic and criminal justice work.

My clinical work focuses broadly on wellbeing, and is concerned with the measurement, manifestation and treatment of stress, anxiety and depression. I work with different cohorts who often experience elevated levels of stress due to the context they are in, in particular women in the perinatal period, and those occupationally exposed to stressful situations (such as emergency responders). As part of this work, I am involved in research into the implementation and effectiveness of eHealth tools to promote mental health and support wellbeing.

Beyond this, I am also interested in the ill-health effects of exposure to neurotoxic compounds (particularly organophosphates) in terms of general cognitive deficits and mood disorder.

My more forensic research examines how well people perform as witnesses (i.e. in terms of face recognition). I am particularly interested in how we become experts in face recognition, how this changes with age, and what cognitive and neural mechanisms and/or social behaviours may underlie this expertise. Of additional interest to me is how social interest and exposure to certain groups of people may affect our ability to recognise them. I also carry out work examining police attitudes towards line-up procedures and investigating potential barriers to implementing more evidence-based policing.


  • 2016–present
    Senior lecturer, The Open Univeristy
  • 2011–2016
    Lecturer, The Open Univeristy


  • 2010 
    University of Sussex, DPhil Psychology


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Professional Memberships

  • Associate Fellow Higher Education Academy