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Giulia Magnarini

Phd Candidate of Earth Sciences, UCL

I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Earth Sciences, at University College London.

I use both terrestrial and planetary observations to advance the understanding of geological processes.
At the moment, I am studying how long runout landslides form, exploiting the great potential of combining terrestrial fieldwork and high resolution imagery from Mars and the Moon.

I have recently joined the Apollo Next Generation Sample Analysis program (ANGSA), part of the NASA efforts to maximise the science derived from samples returned by the Apollo Program in preparation for future lunar missions and beyond. I will analyse x-ray computer tomography scans of the newly opened Apollo 17 samples. These samples were collected from below the lunar surface and represent the top part of a long runout landslide deposit.

I am part of the UCL SeismoLab and UCL/Birkbeck Centre for Planetary Sciences. My research is funded by the UK Science and Technology Facility Council.


  • –present
    Phd Candidate of Seismology, UCL